The Look of Luxury Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

The Look of Luxury Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

“Luxury is not about the things that you own. It is about something that reflects your personal values, something that shows the choices that you have made in your life.”  —Marcel Wanders

There seems to be a misconception on the term luxury in today’s society. Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. You can still feel luxurious without having to purchase over-priced designer products – especially when it comes to things like jewelry and accessories.

If someone sees you wearing a stunning ring, I don’t believe the first thing out of their mouth would be,

“Wow, that’s beautiful! – Is that <insert super expensive designer brand name here>?”

If you’re wearing a gorgeous piece of jewelry, you may get a compliment on the way it looks, and then perhaps follow by,

“Where did you get it?”

Most individuals wouldn’t know off hand what brand you’re wearing and frankly – Does it really matter?

What really matters is that what you’re wearing makes you feel beautiful and confident and anyone who inquires about it – well, that’s just icing on the cake!

So, when you look for your next piece of non-designer jewelry, refrain from worrying about what others will think and wear that fabulous new addition with pride!

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